MD-200 BGA rework station
MD-200 BGA rework station
  • MD-200 BGA rework station

MD-200 BGAリワークステーション

±2°Cで正確な温度偏差を実現できる高精度温度制御技術。 同時に、外部温度測定コネクタは、リアルタイムの温度曲線の正確な分析を実現できます。

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Product Details
MD-200 BGA rework station

What a BGA rework station can do?
A BGA rework station is a machine that can be used to refinish or repair printed circuit boards (PCBs) with ball grid array (BGA) packaging and surface-mounted devices (SMDs).

1. DH-200 is a mobile platform dedicated to BGA maintenance.
2. The top is heated by hot air, the bottom is heated by the original diode, and the heating area is equipped with a glass shield. The top can be moved up or down automatically. The bottom can be moved forward or backward.
3. Configure industrial PC, high-definition touch screen. Freely set the temperature curve, you can set the mode such as: "keep the same temperature", "instant curve analysis" and "voice warning before heating is completed", etc., you can also use the real-time actual temperature and temperature curve settings to analyze and correct the curve.
4. High-precision temperature control technology, which can achieve precise temperature deviation at ±2°C. At the same time, the external temperature measuring connector can realize accurate analysis of real-time temperature curve.
5. V-groove PCB work, fast and accurate positioning, suitable for various PCB board positioning.
6. The movable universal clamp can prevent damage to the components on the edge of the PCB, and is suitable for the repair of various PCBs.
7. Using magnet nozzles of different sizes, it is easy to replace and install, it can rotate freely 360°, and the suction nozzles can be customized as needed.
8. 6-8 sections of temperature can be set for top heating and bottom heating (up to 16 sections), 50,000 sets of temperature curves can be stored, which can be numbered, modified and applied according to different BGAs. Curve analysis, settings and adjustments can also be performed on the touch screen.
9. Voice warning 5-10 seconds before the completion of heating: remind the operator to pick up the bga chip in time. After heating, the cooling fan will work automatically, and when the temperature cools down to room temperature ( 10. CE certification approval.
総電力 2300W
トップ熱風ヒーター 450W
ボトムダイオードヒーター 1800W
照明 オリジナルのLEDワーキングライト、任意の角度を調整できます。
動作モード 高精細タッチスクリーン、インテリジェントな会話型インターフェース、デジタルシステム設定
貯蔵 5000グループ
トップヒーターの動き ボタンで自動上下、手動右/左、
ボトムダイオードの加熱 手動の左右移動。
ポジショニング インテリジェントなポジショニング、PCBは「5ポイントサポート」+ V-groov PCBブラケット+ユニバーサルフィクスチャを使用してX、Y方向に調整できます。
温度制御 Kセンサ、クローズループ
温度精度 ±2°C
PCBサイズ 最大 170×220 mm 最小 22×22 mm
BGAチップ 2x2 mm - 80x80 mm
最小チップ間隔 0.15ミリメートル
外部テンパーセンサー 1個
寸法 L540×W310×H500mm
正味重量 16KGの

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